In 2016, Pulyny community came together and discuss about the problems we currently have. During these conferences, garbage, waste and recycle are the words repeatedly mentioned. At the time we started to collect data and information, small projects like “Harmful Fingers”, “Good with the handfuls” and “Clean environment matters” also created. Now we are happy […]

Summer Camps!

Summer it’s the best time for camps! Pulyny Center have recently conducted three camps with the help of some amazing volunteers. These camps are “Sport”, “Art” and “Summer”. Our main objective is to change life for better by promoting a better standard of social living for future generations. As always, our volunteers are awesome!! 🙂 […]

Training for volunteers

In the last two weeks, Pulin center organized a training for the future volunteers. In the title of volunteerism, they learned about Respect, Compassion, Believe, Support, Appreciation, Love, Patience, Goodness, Achievement, Confidence, Care ad Empathy.  By learning these values, they are well equipped to help and serve the community.   For more photos, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pulincenter/

One Small Step For A Better Environment

Recycling is very important as waste has a visible scourge on land and in our ocean.  It’s time for us to reconsider what’s the correct way to deal with our waste. Now Pulin Center is working closely with schools to promote recycling their bottle caps and batteries. Recycling is not only protects our environment, saves energy, reduce landfills, […]