One Small Step For A Better Environment

Recycling is very important as waste has a visible scourge on land and in our ocean.  It’s time for us to reconsider what’s the correct way to deal with our waste. Now Pulin Center is working closely with schools to promote recycling their bottle caps and batteries. Recycling is not only protects our environment, saves energy, reduce landfills, […]

HIV/AIDS Education

(December 5th, 2011) Did you know Ukraine has one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world? To address this issue, We held an event in the Chervonoarmis’k community in partnership with Zhytomyr organization ACET to bring HIV/AIDS awareness and education to Chervonoarmis’k School.  Our session was a half-day event, targeted roughly 45 student […]

Healthy Lifestyles (Mission to Ukraine)

The Pulin Center was invited by Mission to Ukraine to join in the discussion to teens on healthy lifestyles in the school of Chervonoarmis’k. It was a wonderful event. The teens were given invaluable information on pregnancy, abortion and practical skills on how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. These are topics not normally […]