Бен Фреcкез: «Україна для мене – тільки добре»

Завжди привітно усміхнений, відкритий до спілкування, з наполегливістю вчить українську мову, із задоволенням подорожує Україною, дуже любить музику, прекрасно співає і просто випромінює позитив – це все він, Бен Фреcкез, молодий волонтер Корпусу Миру, котрий уже два роки живе і працює у Пулинському громадському і бізнес-центрі та намагається зрозуміти українську душу. Незабаром Бен повертається до […]

Social Enterprise- Thank you!

We would like to the time and give you an update on our Social Enterprise Development Program and to thank our partners British Council Ukraine (Lyudmila Tatsenko) and East Europe Foundation (Yuiriy Piskaluk) for the continued support and action through implementation and sustainability of our program.  It is because of their support and course of action that we’ve experienced such […]

Social Enterprise (Zhytomyr- Round 3)

(May 26th, 2012) Social Enterprise Seminars Round 3 in Zhytomyr—The Pulin Center has launched its 3rd round of social enterprise classes under our Social Enterprise Development Program. Alex Brzhezytskyy  leads discussion and invited guest trainers provide in-depth training on selected material. This round we have 12 active participants, ranging from business leaders, areas of banking […]

Ivanovichi Village School Museum Visit

(May 17th, 2012) School Visit in Ivanovichi Village—Today we joined the Ivanovichi Village school to discuss our Project “Dialog”.  The event was two-fold. We began with an organized tour of their museum. The school administration gave us an in-depth look at the historical background of the area, and a group of young students eagerly provided […]

Social Enterprise Follow-up Conference

(April 6th, 2012) Social Enterprise Conference in Zhytomyr- The Pulin Community and Business Center has launched its Social Enterprise Development Program within the Zhytomyrska Oblast.  Alex Brzhezytskyy organized a follow-up conference in Zhytomyr at the Polish House of Culture. In attendance were key partners: Larisa Tatcenko with the British Council, Yuiriy Piskaluk with East Europe Foundation, and Olga […]

Social Enterprise (Zhytomyr- Round 2)

The Pulin Center has opened the doors to our sessions in the city of Zhytomyr! We have an active group of 14 NGO leaders who are very ambitious and excited to learn about social enterprise development and sustainability for future success of their organizations. Please check out our designated Facebook page, “Social Enterprise Zhytomyrska Oblast“, […]