Summer Camps!

Summer it’s the best time for camps! Pulyny Center have recently conducted three camps with the help of some amazing volunteers. These camps are “Sport”, “Art” and “Summer”. Our main objective is to change life for better by promoting a better standard of social living for future generations. As always, our volunteers are awesome!! 🙂 […]

Training for volunteers

In the last two weeks, Pulin center organized a training for the future volunteers. In the title of volunteerism, they learned about Respect, Compassion, Believe, Support, Appreciation, Love, Patience, Goodness, Achievement, Confidence, Care ad Empathy.  By learning these values, they are well equipped to help and serve the community.   For more photos, please visit:

Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp “change your life for the better” had finally come to an end, it started from 7/18-7/22. Special thanks to Peace Corps volunteers and our youth leaders, the camp won’t be this successful without their contributions. During this rainy week, we had the chances to impart skills and values to the children from English […]

Summer camp 2013-2014

Починаючи з 2009 року в липні місяці Пулинський громадський та бізнес центр запрошує дітей до табору активного відп    очинку «Зміни життя на краще». Протягом тижня діти віком від 7 до 12 років мають можливість не лише відпочивати, гратися та весело проводити час, а й навчитися чогось нового. Після активної розминки на вулиці команди разом з […]