“Green Pulyny” update

It is incredible how far a thing can accomplish if a team working hard toward it. PCBC had been taking small steps for project “Green Pulyny”. By cooperating with schools, we share the information from «Подільська громада» and conduct lessons to students each month. In these two months, we mainly discuss about the 3R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle. Besides lessons, containers also had been set up among schools and center. Now the community has places to collect and sort their plastic bottles and glasses.

A logo contest also created for those who like to draw, the winner of this competition will have their logo print on all “Green Pulyny” material and announce on the newspaper. Many great pieces had been submitted, and soon the winner will be announced by the committee.

“Green Pulyny” will continue and students will be more aware and more conscious of the environment. One step at a time.




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