In 2016, Pulyny community came together and discuss about the problems we currently have. During these conferences, garbage, waste and recycle are the words repeatedly mentioned. At the time we started to collect data and information, small projects like “Harmful Fingers”, “Good with the handfuls” and “Clean environment matters” also created.

Now we are happy to announce the project “GREEN PULYNY” to the community. This is an environmental educational project SPA founded by the Peace Corps. Which aim to educate the public about recycling and to encourage people to start recycling their waste. “GREEN PULYNY” is a long term project that needs everyone in the community to participate, share and help in able to be successful.


In September 14, we are honored to invite guest speakers from «Подільська громада» to lecture us about the importance of sorting and recycling wastes. There were more than 70+ teachers, government staff and interested individual participated. We all share our opinions on the how everyone can do to make Pulyny a better environment. The head of educational department, the mayor and an RPCV also attended to contribute their share of view to the problem.

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