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We are excited to introduce our (Social Enterprise Development Program to the Zhytomyrska Oblast. Our program introduces and trains theoretical and practical aspects of Social Enterprise (SE) development to the Zhytomyrska oblast. In the context of our project, a social enterprise is defined as a business with primarily social objectives whose profits are directed mainly at self-development, community interest or resolving social problems. Our target group will be local NGO’s to provide them with formal training and development on the SE model. We are also open to individual and social entrepreneurs who strive to provide positive change in their communities.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) play a vital role in the development of Ukraine’s civil society as an independent nation. The number of exact operating NGO’s in Ukraine is indefinite; however, according to the “Freedom of Choice” Coalition of NGO’s of Ukraine, there are an estimated 30,000 NGO’s operating in Ukraine working in diverse areas of interest. Most NGO’s typically rely heavily on grant funding for operations to exist. This large dependency on donor help brings self-supporting issues at bay once the grant funding is over. Our program will provide training and outreach to NGO’s providing the tools and resources to build self-sustaining success of their enterprise. Many NGO’s lack crucial business model integration strategies which would allow their organizations to cut reliance on external monetary resources. Our SE program would equip them with business concepts, helping them develop business plans, which would make their chances of becoming self-sustaining better. SE development is beginning to build momentum in Ukraine from organizations such as our partner the British Council. Currently there are no SE development programs in this region. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce our development program into the Zhytomyrska Oblast. The consequence of the needs remaining unmet would leave NGO’s operating on the same level of development. The benefit of our program is that it requires organizations to think proactively, a way in which they anticipate their future success and strive for independent sustainability while meeting social needs of the community. Take a look at our activities by clicking here.

Application for Participation in Seminars (Анкета для участі в семінарах) (please send completed application to our office either electronically or hard-copy.)

Business Plan Sample (бизнес план рабочая тетрадь)

Seminar Schedule in Zhytomyr (Розклад школы СП в Житомирі)

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Social Enterprise Zhytomyrska Oblast

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