Social Enterprise Follow-up Conference

Left to right: Alex Brzhezytskyy, Ben Fresquez, Larisa Tatcenko, Yuiriy Piskaluk, and Olga Djachenko .

(April 6th, 2012) Social Enterprise Conference in Zhytomyr- The Pulin Community and Business Center has launched its Social Enterprise Development Program within the Zhytomyrska Oblast.  Alex Brzhezytskyy organized a follow-up conference in Zhytomyr at the Polish House of Culture. In attendance were key partners: Larisa Tatcenko with the British Council, Yuiriy Piskaluk with East Europe Foundation, and Olga Djachenko with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. A BIG thank you to our partners, they have given great support through our program rollout and are excited about the development and growth throughout the region. There were nearly 50 community members who attended representing a diverse spectrum from entrepreneurs to business leaders.  The conference was a great success.  Discussed was the successful completion of our first two rounds of seminars, forward movement throughout the region,  and the utilization of those who successfully completed the program. We are building a team of network constituents who will continue to educate and build awareness of SE development in Ukraine. We have also received grant funding from USAID in partnership with Peace Corps Ukraine that will provide us the essential tools in ensuring sustainability. Our 3rd round of seminars will begin on May 26th, 2012 in the city of Zhytomyr. Our program is gaining high interest and the momentum is in full throttle! Click here to learn more about our program and join our Facebook group for more updates.

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